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Key Points Related To Sclerotherapy Los Angeles


Sclerotherapy is a treatment that is apt for the varicose vein treatments. Here are some vital points related to the sclerotherapy Los Angeles. This varicose vein problem can occur to anyone, and this is a problem that will affect the physical appearance of the person too. Sclerotherapy is preferred by many people as it is a non-surgical method, and usually injection will be administered to the nerve that has to be removed. Normally when the injection is administered the veins will swell, and the blood circulation will be stopped. This in turn will make sure the nerve will gradually disappear.

In certain situations, there might be a requirement for multiple sittings in order to remove all the varicose veins. The needles used will be very small, and this will make sure the pain is very less. So there is no need for any type of anesthesia while doing this treatment. Normally, legs will be the part that will be affected very much. But this does not mean any other part will not be affected by this problem. A compression bandage is essential after the problem is treated as it will help to smoothen the skin and also improve the blood circulation. Also, the pain will be reduced if the bandage is worn.

It is recommended to walk for some time regularly after the treatment but do not apply stress on the legs. This will help in fast recovery due to the good blood circulation. Normally, this treatment will be done within minutes, and there will be no need for an overnight stay in the hospital after the treatment. It is necessary to choose the right doctor in order to do the treatment. Normally, this type of treatment will be done by a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or phlebologist. This is considered to a very good alternative for the traditional vein stripping surgeries.